Were gondwanaland and laurasia

New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. Although this ancient mountain range has been subsequently reduced to nothing by the forces of wind and rain, it's height and extent are believed to have equaled or exceeded the Himalayas of today. Facts Gondwana is also commonly referred to as Gondwanaland The adjective term is Gondwanan, e.

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The earth has a magnetic field with the North and South poles, and when rocks form as the continents drift apart, the distances from the magnetic poles can provide information. The Himalayas' emergence continues today, and similar processes produced other major mountain ranges in the geologic past.

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Today, we know of it from remnants of it's exposed roots and from the vast sheets of sediments deposited in deltas along it's margins.

Below the lithosphere lies the asthenosphere, which is a more viscous zone of the mantle. Tectonic plates made up of rigid lithosphere are pushed laterally by circulating convection currents acting on the asthenosphere.

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  1. The continent was named after the Gondwana region of India , and literally means "Land wana of the Gonds. In the case of the widening Atlantic, geologists think that a "subduction zone" will eventually form on either the east or west edges of the ocean.